Transparency in our supply chain is an important part of what we do. Since 2023 all our products have been made in Ningbo, which is close to Shanghai, China, by Vane Fashion. Check-out their Honest Factory-profile for more information and scroll down for a peak behind the scenes.

If you have any questions or comments on our production process: we're happy to talk!! Reach out via e-mail or instagram DM and we'll be back with an honest answer. Please note that no cotton or labour from the Xinjiang-region is used for our products.

honest basics mock-top in production

Here you see our mock-top before finishing.

fabric layering before cutting

Fabric is layered with the pattern on top, before cutting.

Fabric panels after cutting. Ready to go to sewing!

sewing white t-shirts

Here you see the sewing of our white t-shirts.

setting of ribbon on sleeve-opening of mock-tops

And here sleeve openings of the mock-tops are finished with an elastic ribbon, to prevent the fabric from fraying and for extra comfort while wearing the tops.

And here another sewing operation. As you see there are quite a few steps it takes to produce our basics. For example for t-shirts there are about 15 different operations needed to go from start to finish.

white t-shirts waiting for the next step in production

Here white t-shirts are waiting for the next step in production. See that it's quite a big factory hall?

ironing white basic t-shirts 1

After sewing, it's time to iron the t-shirts!

Here you see Ming at his ironing station.

Wrapped product

And after a final quality check, it's time to wrap the products and ship them to Europe!! Scan the QR-code on your basics to see more details about the factory and the production process. If you have questions: please ask us!