Welcome to Honest Basics! If this is your first time meeting us, we'd be happy to give you a short introduction of our brand.

Honest Basics in 30 seconds:

  • Why? Because sustainable fashion should be affordable for everyone.
  • How do we produce? From the factory directly to you. Checked, certified and transparent. 
  • How can we offer such low prices? Zero agents or middlemen in-between. We make simple products and buy them in bulk quantities.
  • What? A fully sustainable wardrobe that you can afford. From t-shirts and tops, to jeans and knits.

Who is Honest Basics for?

Well for you, obviously! Our main target group are people like ourselves: millennials who are trying to make their wardrobes a bit more sustainable. We make basics because when you think about it: what are the clothes we wear every day? Exactly! By wearing Honest Basics we have the most positive impact on our wardrobes and on the fashion industry.

We don't consider ourselves hardcore eco-warriors. But we do care. A lot. Not everyone has the time to research fashion certifications or analyze supply chains. So we do that for you. By buying from us, you support our ongoing sustainability efforts. Thank you!

Fun facts about Honest Basics:

  • We started in September 2018 with only 6 products.
  • Almost 15.000 people have bought from us. Join the movement!
  • We pack each order with love in our small showroom in Berlin.
  • We are 3 Dutchies and 1 Indian person.
  • Yes, you can visit us on select opening hours. Check Google maps for the times.

Did you know that you will always get an automatic discount - if you order 3 items or more? 🖤