Contact Information

Contact information

We're based in Berlin, Germany. For any questions and comments please reach out on or send a message on social media (Instagram and Facebook). We will answer swiftly!

Feel free to write in English, German or Dutch. Other languages will be difficult :)...

Our products are available through our website. And we're proud to be selling on - Germany's largest online store for sustainable products.

About us

We're a small company that launched in August 2018. The idea for Honest Basics was born out of our own personal frustration: why is it so hard to find cool and sustainable basic articles? And once you find them: why are they so expensive?

We read somewhere that sustainability is a journey - not a destination. So yes our products are for current standards fully sustainable. However we already see a lot of room for improvement in the future. Please follow our journey towards becoming ever more sustainable on our blog.

If you have comments or questions on this please reach out. We're happy to discuss everything!