We take great care to provide transparency in our supply chains and regarding the certifications our products and suppliers hold. We work in close collaboration with our main supplier and have visited the production facilities multiple times.
This way, as well as through independent audits that are conducted every year, we can ensure that the agreements we have made with our suppliers and production facilities are held up. We are also dedicated to helping our production facilities improve where they can. To aid them, we provide sustainability consulting which includes a monthly workshop on a themes such as chemicals or overtime hour management.


Facilities & certifications

Please find our production partner factories through opensupplyhub.org & check our certifications on textileexchange.org.


Honest Basics

Our spring 24 collection:

TC: USB-OCS/GRS-372347

TC GRS: USB-TC-0390314 

TC GRS & OCS: USB-TC-0388933

TC OCSBlended: USB-TC-0408825

TC GRS: USB-TC-0408830


Our fall '23 collection:

TC: USB-OCS/GRS-349025


Our spring '23 collection:

TC: USB-GRS/OCS-321454



Ningbo Vane Group

The overarching group that our partner factories belong to! 

SVHC list confirmed with REACH regulation

SC OCS: GL-YYJ-02273

SC OCS: 23-504636


Ningbo Wenew Clothing Co. 

Many of our items are sown together here! 

OpenSupplyHub ID: CN2020336KXW69W

BSCI: C: Acceptable

FEM: 36,93% /70%

For spring '24: TC OCS100: IDF-24-577339

For fall '23: TC OCS100: IDF-23-504636


Ningbo Rongzhi Clothes Co. 

Our underwear, T-shirts and many other items are sown together here! 

OpenSupplyHub ID: CN20201914J4H9M

FEM: 37,89% / 70%

SC: USB TEX4614-MUL-2023-02

SC OCS & GRS: USB TEX4614-MUL-2023-09

SC GRS: USB-00100190-MUL-2304



Ningbo Aoqi Technological Knitting CO., Ltd 

Our knitted items, such as the Heavy Knit Jumper & Turtleneck Jumper are produced here! 

No. 341, Wulipai, Zhenhai District, Ningbo, China

For spring '24: TC OCS100 & OCSBlended: GL-LJ-01599

TC OCS100: GL-YYJ-03309

For fall '23: TC OCS100: GL-YYJ-02273


Shaoxing Shangyu Leda Knitting Technology Co. 

Our socks are produced here!

No.36, Hexi Road, Fenghui Town, Shangyu District, Shaoxing, China


Xiangshan Xinguang Knitting Printing and Dyeing Co.

The fabric for the T-shirts and Tops is dyed here! 

OpenSupplyHub ID: CN2023067DBZPRA

FEM: 58,44% /70%

Member of ZDHC & Carbon Reduction Program

SC OCS100: IDF-23-549430


Zhejiang Tiancheng Printing Dyeing & Knitting Co. 

The fabric for the T-shirts and Tops is dyed here! 

OpenSupplyHub ID: CN20230676304SB

SLCP: 71,4% / 80%


Ningbo innovation Shun Yuan Garments Co.

Cut & Sew Factory

OpenSupplyHub ID: CN202019139YH3Y

FEM: 38,61% / 70%

SLCP: 73,7% /80%


Ningbo Guoyunxin Textile Technology Co.

OpenSupplyHub ID: CN2023065P2XXYK

SLCP: 70,6% /80%

SC OCS100: IDF-22-437370