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Worldwide shipping - especially to the USA - can take up to 3-6 weeks.
We will do our best to get all your orders to you asap.

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Team Honest Basics

 📦 This is how we ship your orders

We ship your orders from a warehouse close to Berlin, Germany. We've shipped over 10.000 orders to more than 30 countries! Yes, we can!
  1. We ship from Monday to Friday. Orders usually ship within 24 - 48 hours after you place them.
  2. You get an e-mail with your tracking number as soon as the package leaves.
  3. Please check your tracking link if you wonder where your package is. This should answer most of your questions.
  4. Return shipment costs are not reimbursed. You have to pay for this yourself.
Checked the tracking link and still can't figure it out? No worries, we will help you to find a solution. Please contact us on
Quickly go the detailed information for your zone:

    🚢 Shipping rates

    We negotiate every year with the courier services to get the best rates. We don't overcharge you on the shipping rates. Actually we cover 4 Euros per order by ourselves.

    Why? This is the price we pay in Germany to keep shipping free. We think that you should receive the same treatment, even if you're not living in Germany. So for example if you live in the Netherlands and your shipping rate is 4 Euros, then we actually pay 8 Euros to the courier.
    Where are you? Shipping costs Free shipping above? Delivery time?
    Germany 3-4 days
    Europe 4 € - 8  60 € - 100  5-10 days
    Worldwide 12 € - 22 € - 3-6 weeks
    Worldwide 15 $ - 27 $ - 3-6 weeks
    UK no shipping no shipping Brexit :(


    The delivery times are an estimation. Sometimes we're slower. Sometimes we're quicker :). Please understand that once the package has left our warehouse, we have no influence on how fast it will reach you. Especially due to Covid there have been some case of long delays. Thanks in advance for your patience! And of course feel free to check-in at if you have some concerns.

    🛎️ News around shipping (19.02.'21)

    • No shipping to the UK after Brexit. We tried it, but unfortunately the administrative burden was too much for us to handle as a small company. So for now no shipping to the UK. Sorry!
    • Shipping to the US may take a lot longer than usual. We received information that apparently USPS (through which we ship) is very overloaded since January and there is a backlog of more than 250.000 packages. Patience is required!

    ♻️ Returns

    Please note we don't refund the (return) shipping costs when you return an item. Please keep this in mind when ordering! Depending on where you live, returning items to Germany can be quite expensive.

    🌊 Overseas returns

    Please keep in mind that we don't refund the (return) shipping costs. It is very expensive usually to send items back from overseas. So please keep that in mind before ordering. If you have any doubts on sizes: please reach out. We're happy to help :)...

    Want to return something?

    💬 Additional Information

    🥨 Germany

    Shipping to Germany is free. We can't yet offer you free returns though. So keep that in mind :)...

    Shipping in Germany is done through DPD, you receive the tracking link when your order ships from our warehouse. DPD also offers dynamic tracking, which means that you should receive updates about your package as it makes it's way to you!

    Please note that DPD doesn't deliver to DHL Poststations.

    ⭐ Europe

    We've split Europe into different "zones", depending on what the best shipping rate is that we can offer. Shipping is done through GLS or through DHL. See below the full information!

    Country Zone Free above? Delivery time? Courier
    Austria 4  60  5 days GLS
    Belgium 4  60  5-7 days GLS
    Bulgaria 100  7-10 days DHL
    Croatia 100  7-10 days DHL
    Czechia 5  80  7 days GLS
    Denmark 4  60  5-7 days GLS
    Estonia 100  7-10 days DHL
    Finland 100  7-10 days DHL
    France 5  80  7 days GLS
    Greece 100  7-10 days DHL
    Hungary 7 € 100 € 7-10 days GLS
    Ireland 100  7-10 days DHL
    Italy 7  100  7-10 days GLS
    Latvia 100  7-10 days DHL
    Lithuania 100  7-10 days DHL
    Luxembourg 4  60  5-7 days GLS
    Netherlands 4  60  5-7 days GLS
    Poland 5  80  7 days GLS
    Portugal 100  7-10 days DHL
    Romania 100  7-10 days DHL
    Serbia 100  7-10 days DHL
    Slovakia 8 € 100  7-10 days GLS
    Slovenia 100  7-10 days GLS
    Spain 100  7-10 days DHL
    Sweden 100  7-10 days DHL
    Switzerland 7  100  7-10 days GLS

    🌎 Worldwide

    Yes, we just launched worldwide shipping in January '21. We held it back because we felt it is not so sustainable to ship packages around the world. But then one of our customers said that is actually more important that we try to spread our mission (affordable sustainable fashion!) as widely as possible!

    Please note 🤓

    • Shipping is done through postal services, so please reflect how reliable your local post service is before placing the order.
    • Shipping is reliable, so far 99% of packages has arrived during our trial period. No problem to ship to the US, Australia, Japan or anywhere else!
    • Patience is required: shipping times can take very long, especially around Christmas time. The package will reach you in the end though. And we're sure it will be worth the wait :)...

    Shipping rates are based on the weight (in kilograms) of your order. This is automatically calculated at check-out. Up to 1kg is 12 Euros. Up to 2kg is 22 Euros. At this moment we can't ship out heavier packages.

    Rates in € and $

    Location Shipping costs Free shipping above? Delivery time?
    Worldwide 12 € - 22 € - 3-6 weeks
    Worldwide 15 $ - 27 $ - 3-6 weeks


    🛰️ Tracking your international package

    Local tracking is available in a lot of countries. USPS, Canada Post, Australia Post etc. are all integrated and will make it possible for you to follow the package until your doorstep. The tracking code you receive is for Deutsche Post. You can track your package through this link.

    🌐 USA delays

    We're currently experiencing very long delays when shipping to the USA. Packages may take 6 weeks or longer to arrive. According to the postal services this is due to 1) COVID and 2) tighter controls by US Customs since January. Both together have caused a huge backlog in terms of packages being admitted into the US, unfortunately most of our orders from the US are affected as well.


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