How are we so affordable?
We'll tell you how :)

🌱 Is it even possible?

Have you ever wondered how Honest Basics manages to keep prices so low while making products from 100% sustainable materials in an ethical way? How is it possible that we receive the maximum sustainability rating on the Good On You-platform, while also being in their lowest price bucket? Especially when many other sustainable brands are, well, not quite so affordable.

Well, wonder no more!

We want to show you how we as Honest Basics manage to be so affordable. There are a few different things that together have a big impact.

  • staying true to & sticking to our mission
  • working with simple supply chains
  • creating basics everyone needs
  • not providing free returns

This graphic for example shows very well how much more a basic shirt would cost, if we did it like most fair fashion brands. Which is also good approach of course, just not what we want to offer you!

So far so good. Let's dive into the details :)!

🦸‍♂️ Our why - we're on a mission ...

... to make sustainable fashion accessible to everyone. We believe that sustainable fashion should be a basic right - not a privilege for those that can afford it. So we work hard to keep the prices low. We make quality basics that everyone has in their wardrobe. And we constantly keep improving the sustainability of our products and our supply chain. Sustainability is a journey and we are not yet at our destination - this drives us and is a very big part of our daily life at Honest Basics. You can find out more about our mission here.

🚢 Simple supply chains

Our supply chain is short and direct. We produce in several factories in China, they ship to our warehouse and we ship to you. There are no agencies, wholesalers or retailers in between that add extra mark-ups.  For example, if we also had a wholesale program, we would need to raise the prices by at least 25%. We don't want that, so we don't do it.

💚 We proudly produce in China - ethically & sustainably

How do we manage to produce in an ethical way? We have an intensive and good relationship with our main supplier, Vane Fashion. We work alongside them to improve and check on the levels of sustainability in the factory as well as the social standards on the workfloor. A direct relationship like this helps us to have:

  • better communication and smoother production.
  • more intensive checks if our sustainability standards are met
  • work on structurally improving our quality levels - which will help to be able to wear the products longer

All in all those goals make the production of our collections more smooth and therefore also cheaper in the long run. 

🌱 We only do basics

Our basics are, well... basic! We want to make every day clothes that you can wear all day every day. We don't do prints or branding or complicated fabrics or fancy packaging. We aim to keep the prices low and not charge you extra for things that you don't need.

So in short, we're keeping it simple by:

  • creating very basic styles
  • delivering directly from our factory to you
  • using packaging that is practical, not fancy

📦 Returns - why we don't pay for them

Every now and then we get the question of why we don't offer free returns. Well, we don't do that for different reasons:

  • High costs - for a small brand like ours, return labels & returns processing are extremely costly. If we'd offer free returns for every parcel, we would have to raise our prices - which is against our "why"...
  • Sustainability - if you think about it, returning parcels is not the most sustainable thing to do. Of course that doesn't mean that you are not allowed to return unloved products :D! 

Any questions?

We hope that we could give you a little more insight and transparency to how we manage to be a sustainable and ethically responsible brand with such low costs. As always - we want to get better every day and we are working hard on creating products that last and will be loved a long long time. Thank you so much for helping us through your purchases and feedback! We appreciate you.

Of course we are still not perfect - but who really is ;)? You have a question or something is not quite clear? Let us know! Thank you for helping us get better.


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