Honest Materials
This is what we're made of

🌱 It all starts with care

As a sustainable fashion brand we care a lot about the environment and ethical work environments. This is why we do what we do and why we put a lot of care into the materials that we use. As it is of course a very important aspect of making fashion. When we select materials, they should of course look nice, feel good, last for a long time and are produced in a sustainable way under ethical working conditions. 

💚 We keep on learning

Of course we don't know everything. That's why we keep on learning a lot about the materials we use, their longevity and how you guys like them. Jerseys and ribbed fabrics for example are circular knits. We usually work with 160gsm and up, to have a nice handfeel and to be sure that the t-shirts last a long time. We increased the weight of our white styles a bit over the years, as there were issues with transparency. 

♻️ The benefit of our materials

The main sustainability benefits of these materials is that they are organic cotton and GOTS-certified. Especially organic cotton has many benefits, these are the main two:
  • It saves a lot of resources, especially water & energy, in production 
  • No herbicides and pesticides are used which makes the crop a lot healthier for the planet, for the people working with it, and finally for the communities living around the fields
Why do we care about the GOTS-certification? The GOTS-process stipulates in great detail which chemicals can and cannot be used in all the production steps after the fields. So all the worst chemicals are strictly forbidden. For example: in almost every normal production, t-shirts are treated with an enzyme wash, to artificially make the fabric feel softer. We are not allowed to do that. Which means that fewer chemicals are being used and end up touching your  skin.

🌻 Some more examples

🧵 Our sweaters

All the sweater fabrics that we use for our jogging pants, hoodies and crewnecks are 280gsm or up, which gives them a nice and cozy weight. Also they are brushed on the inside. This gives a softer touch on the skin, making it more comfortable to wear. 

Our sweaters are perfect to wear on a chilly summer evening at the bonfire, on rainy days in autumn and all through cold winters. 

👖 Our denims

The factory where our denims are made is completely focused on sustainability. They're actively trying to reduce water and energy consumption. As we have very simple basic jeans, the number of washes that our jeans go through is additionally strongly reduced vs. the "classical" jeans production.

All the materials are sustainable. Mixing organic cotton, recycled polyester, tencel and elastane for a result that is comfortable, durable and sustainable.

🧶 Our flat knits

And finally the highly anticipated flat knits - or "Strick" that are coming towards the end of November. They are a mix of 60% organic cotton and 40% recycled polyester. 

This mix combines the softness of organic cotton with the smoothness of the recycled polyester. We have a great variety of colors, yarn thickness and textures coming. So there will be smooth turtlenecks and jumpers - and of course chunky heavier knits.

We can't wait!

As you can see we're taking great care of the materials we choose and where we get them from. Of course we are still not perfect - but who really is ;)? You have feedback for us or an idea how to improve even more? Let us know by sending us an email or leaving a review! Thank you for helping us get better.


Questions or compliments?
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Greetings from Berlin!
-x- Team Honest Basics