Honest Investors Club (30.000 / 30.000 of round 3)

Help to crowd fund Honest Basics: this is your chance to become a green investor - and help to create a better world through your financing. While making a neat profit at the same time. Welcome to the Honest Investors Club!

Want to join: please reach out to info@honest-basics.comQuickly to our attractive pay-out schedule.

Why do we need money?

We're growing quickly and we want to offer more and more products to our customers. So that we can offer them a complete sustainable wardrobe. To buy more products we need extra financing.

Rounds that are already full and closed:

  1. FULL Round 1: (30.000 €) is to finance more jeans and the large summer drop for 2021. Round 1 = full.
  2. FULL Round 2: (30.000 €) is to help us launch the flat knits product group at the end of this year (cardigans, heavy knitted jumpers).
  3. FULL Round 2.2: (10.000 €) extra because of extra transport and organic material costs.
  4. FULL Round 3: (30.000 €) is to launch underwear for women and a small sportswear collection of recycled polyester for women.

Why do we come to you?

Yes, we could get the money at the bank. But we would prefer our investors to be as invested in a better world as we are. Rather than going to some faceless corporation. Would you not rather loan money from a group of people that believe in your mission?

With this club structure we specifically want to give small investors the chance to make meaningful green investments. Normally to participate in this type of financing, you would need very deep pockets (>50k). The club aims to democratize this process and create an engaged community of like-minded investors!

What is the pay-out?

We're offering a very high interest rate on your investment. We'll pay you back in fixed monthly pay-outs that start directly after you pay-in. Below the total pay-out percentage for the entire loan. In brackets the interest per year.

  • 18.157% interest as a cash transfer to you. (9.0785 % p.a.)
  • 2% interest as a cash transfer, donated in your name to charity. (1% p.a.)
  • 10% gift card for Honest Basics (5% p.a.)

This is what it looks like in a table:

Interest (p.a.) Payout Type Recipient
9.0785% Monthly Transfer (cash) You
1.00% Yearly Transfer (cash) Charity
5.00% Yearly Gift Card You


Look here for the complete fixed payback schedule.

What does the investment look like?

Your investment will be in the form of a private loan to Honest Basics. At this point we are not selling equity, as our company structure does not allow this. But club members will definitely get priority once we are able to offer equity sales in a few years.

There is a standard loan-contract (Darlehensvertrag). The details:

  • Minimum investment amount of 1.000 Euros or a multiplication of that amount (such as 2.000, 5.000, etc.).
  • Pay-in for the third round is until 20th of September 2021.
  • The loan lasts 2 years.
  • Monthly fixed payments to you.

Please note that as with any financial investment that you make, there is the risk that you will incur financial losses. Please make sure this investment fits into your investment strategy.


Please find below the general timeline for round 3. As mentioned round 1, 2 and 2.2 are full and already for a few months underway.

# Total amount Closes Contract signing Pay-in
Round 1  €              30,000 Full Before 10.03.'21 Before 20.03.'21
Round 2  €              30,000 Full Before 10.06.'21 Before 20.06.'21
Round 3  €              30,000 Full Before 15.09.'21 Before 20.09.'21



If you're thinking about becoming an Honest Investor: we'd be happy to talk with you! Please reach out to Jan at info@honest-basics.com. English, German or Dutch works.

We're happy to answer all your questions and send you the detailed proposal. Also we can schedule a video call to discuss the plan in detail.

There is a beautiful 16 slide Powerpoint-presentation waiting for you! :)