Our journey towards more sustainability in our brand

  • Does “100% cotton” mean a garment is plastic-free?

    Does “100% cotton” mean a garment is plastic-free? No, most likely it doesn’t. 

    We donated 2 Euros per sold t-shirt to the Berliner Kaeltehilfe. This organization is close to our heart as we see soooo many homeless people here in Berlin and the winters get really cold.
  • Our set-up in Bangladesh.

    We’ve received several questions from customers on how and where our t-shirts are made. The short version: the Honest Basics team works through a German agency. The agency helps us to develop and produce with one partner factory in Bangladesh. The organic cotton is grown in India and then acquired by the factory to produce our t-shirts.
  • Honesty is the best policy.

    To make this a success we need to be open and transparent towards our customers and critics about what we are doing. How else can we proof that we really are a better alternative?
  • Why we care about sustainability.

    As 'millennials' we are supporters of sustainability. Where possible we buy bio and take care not to leave the water running when brushing our teeth. About a year ago we realized that passive supporting is not enough.