Honesty is the best policy.

When we tested the name “Honest Basics” amongst friends and family, some of them warned us. Maybe being too honest, too open, can turn itself against you. We went ahead with the name anyway. Because we believe that honesty truly is the best policy.

We want to build a brand that has sustainability and transparency at the core of what it does. We want to take responsibility for the ecological impact of what we do. And also make sure that the people working on our products do so under fair social standards. To make this a success we need to be open and transparent towards our customers and critics about what we are doing. How else can we proof that we really are a better alternative?

In some cases our honesty will highlight mistakes and imperfections that may otherwise have slipped by unnoticed. But rather than sweeping things under the rug, we prefer to be open about our mistakes and own up to them. There will be mistakes. In fact there have already been some, like the GOTS-label that is missing in our first t-shirts. We promise to communicate clearly about our issues. And then it is up to you to decide if you still want to buy our products.

In essence the brand name is a challenge to ourselves. Whenever we need to make a decision, we question ourselves: can we explain this to our customers later? If we can’t, probably this direction is not the way to go.

So in short our honesty is both a promise to you and a challenge to ourselves. Thanks for following and supporting our journey!

Made with love