Why we care about sustainability.

As 'millennials' we are supporters of sustainability. Where possible we buy bio and take care not to leave the water running when brushing our teeth. About a year ago we realized that passive supporting is not enough.

Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world. In addition it has a horrible reputation concerning working conditions. Think child labour, “sweat shops” and of course the horrifying collapse of the Rana Plaza in 2013.

After learning about these issues in more depth, we realized that we ourselves want to contribute to lasting change. Both as a consumer: buy more sustainable clothes. And as a fashion-professional: develop products with sustainability as one of the key ingredients.

We find that there are two kinds of eco-fashion out there at the moment: eco fashion that looks like, well… eco fashion. There is an ecowarrior hidden inside of us. But we personally prefer not to look like one.

The second type of eco-fashion is cool, contemporary and… very expensive. As fashion-professionals we researched the possibilities and costs of producing more sustainably. We found something interesting: it is not that much more expensive to produce in a sustainable way. So why do many brands have this eco-tax? And can we offer sustainable products at a price point similar to "normal” fashion?

Honest Basics is our answer to the issues we find in the fashion industry today. It is what we were missing as a fashion consumer. And it is what we know is possible as a fashion-professional.

Made with love