Black Friday seems to have grown into a celebration of overconsumption – which is one of the key problems of our society and specifically the fashion industry. More discounts, more profits, more stuff sold that probably nobody needs in the first place. How does Honest Basics fit into all this?

Internally we were very split before the weekend. The obvious answer is to just boycott such “festivities”. On the other hand it is a weekend that many people look for deals online and buy things. And if we truly want to offer an alternative for fast fashion, then we should also be present this weekend and offer some kind of alternative. But what would this look like?

So, we asked you what you think in our Instagram stories. And we’re very happy that we did!!

Many of you suggested to not discount our products, but instead donate a part of our sales to a charity. The donate-don’t-discount action was a resounding success. We sold 24 t-shirts during the Black Friday-weekend, which is about double of what we expected.

We donated 2 Euros per sold t-shirt to the Berliner Kaeltehilfe. This organization is close to our heart as we see soooo many homeless people here in Berlin and the winters get really cold. It is already freezing and it will get even worse in the next months. The Kaeltehilfe helps homeless people literally survive the darkest nights. They provide shelter and have an emergency bus-service driving around the city to pick up people that can’t make it on their own to the shelters. Amazing work and we’re happy to support!

Thanks everyone for supporting and donating. We hope to set a new donation record next year!

Made with love