Ons team en onze missie

Wij geven om duurzaamheid. We werken hard achter de schermen, elke dag.

En nu kan je ons 'ontmoeten' 😊 Kijk hieronder wie we zijn, hoe divers we zijn (én willen zijn!). En wat onze missie is!


Heb je je al eens afgevraagd wie toch die vriendelijke stem is die jou met alles helpt? Dat is Philipp! Hij assisteert fantastisch. Philipp zorgt ervoor dat jouw bestellingen je zo vlot mogelijk bereiken.

Hey, Philip, vertel eens iets over jezelf!

❤️ Je favoriete emoji? Dat is deze 😊

🍕 Wat is je favoriete pizza-topping? Kaas. Duh!

🦸‍♂️ Wat is jouw superkracht? Teleporteren!


Onze eigen creatieve krachtpatser! Sinds hij de Gram overnam, zien alle foto's er zoveel beter uit. Vind je ook niet? We zijn benieuwd waar hij nu weer mee komt!

Hey, Christopher, vertel eens iets over jezelf!

👕 Wat is je favoriete Honest Basics product? Het Tencel t-shirt - zo zijdeachtig & comfortabel!

❤️ Favoriete emoji? Ik kan echt niet zonder deze 🦦

🍕 Je favoriete pizza-topping? Artisjokken! 🤤


Onze toegewijde kwaliteitsmanager in India met meer dan 25 jaar ervaring in de mode-industrie! Hij zorgt ervoor dat alleen producten van hoge kwaliteit, die ethisch gemaakt zijn, naar ons verscheept worden!

Hey Ajay, vertel eens iets over jezelf!

👕Je favoriete Honest Basics product? Het t-shirt met de ronde hals& de slim fit jeans

❤️ Je favoriete emoji? Deze 😁

🌎 Droom reisbestemming? Duitsland!


Onze oprichter. Jan maakte de overstap van fast fashion om in 2018 Honest Basics te beginnen. Hij richt zich op productontwikkeling en het runnen van de zakelijke kant.

Hey Jan, vertel eens iets over jezelf!

👕 Je favoriete Honest Basics product? het flint t-shirt & de heren slim fit jeans in de kleur vintage blauw

🍕 Je favoriete pizza-topping? Olijven, voor altijd!

🌎 Droombestemming? Japan, samen met m'n vriendin :)


Anna is net ons team komen versterken. Ze is er om naast Philipp al jullie vragen te beantwoorden & om alle Duitstalige klanten de beste beleving te geven.

Hey Anna, vertel eens iets over jezelf!

👕 Je favoriete Honest Basics product?Dat is beslist het zwarte basic t-shirt voor dames!

🍕 Je favoriete pizza-topping? Vegan cheese - een beetje veel graag 🤤 !

🦸 Je superkracht? Onzichtbaarheid ... denk ik ...

📝Our Story
This is what drives us

The idea for Honest Basics was born out of our own personal frustration:
why is it so hard to find cool and sustainable basic articles?
And once you find them: why are they so expensive?

We're on a mission ...

... to make sustainable fashion accessible to everyone. We do that by keeping prices low. We make quality basics that everyone has in their wardrobe. And we constantly keep improving the sustainability of our products and our supply chain. Sustainability is a journey and we are not yet at our destination.

This is us

We're a small group of fashion and marketing professionals. Before Honest Basics we were working in fast fashion. But there is only so much fast fashion you can make, before it starts to eat away at your soul. We're here to do it better than we did before.

Team Honest Basics

🌈Diversity at Honest Basics
We are a brand for everyone.

This starts of course with our own culture. And with the people that are a part of Team Honest Basics.

Some points we're strong:
💙 Different races and nationalities within the team.
💚 LGBTQ+ representation within the team.
💜 Diverse faces on our social media and website.
Some points we need to improve:
🧡 Hire more women. This is definitely a priority for the next additions to our team!
❤️ Show more different body shapes. We're slowly adding more sizes to our size-range, and will then also slowly show more diverse bodies.

🦸‍♂️Our mission
6 Questions that make a difference

We're on a mission to make sustainable fashion accessible to everyone. The following 6 questions are from this wonderful book on branding. It has helped us to write down very clearly who we are and why we are here. So we decided to publish it. Written in the summer of 2019 by Team Honest Basics :)...

1. Why are we here?
To give consumers an alternative. Everyone should have the opportunity to make a positive impact through consumption. We’re here to show that it is possible to make sustainable fashion for everyone. And to change the industry system which is destroying our planet. We want to be at the forefront of innovation in sustainable fashion, leading the change in our industry.


2. What do we do and how do we do it?
We make the most sustainable products. And offer them at accessible price points. We are nerds of sustainability: pushing ourselves our suppliers, and through that the industry, forward. We want to become more sustainable every season.
We are honest, happy and positive. We want to build long-lasting relationships that are based on mutual trust. With customers and with external stakeholders like factories.


3. What makes us different?
Honest Basics offers maximum sustainability at affordable price points. We focus on basics, not on hype driven products, because here we can make the most impact. We take a very commercial approach. Because we want to grow our reach as fast as possible. So the maximum amount of people have the opportunity to enjoy sustainable fashion.


4. Who are we here for?
For you! For people like us: 
🦩 conscious
🦩 young
🦩 motivated to do more


5. What do we value the most?
Honesty translates to our community of customers: we give honest answers. We don’t trick people with fake sustainability. Honesty also applies to the way we produce: we have the best intentions for the entire supply chain. We don’t shy away from the bad things, but we look at them and try to fix them as soon as possible. So those are our main values:
 Maximum sustainability.


6. What’s our personality?
 Dynamic. Generous.


Questions or compliments?
Write us a message at info@honest-basics.com.
Greetings from Berlin!
-x- Team Honest Basics