How much does Honest Basics produce?

We believe in transparency and in taking responsibility for the basics we produce. Many of the current problems in the fashion industry center around a lack of transparency and a strong tendency towards overproduction. Here our small step in the right direction:

2021 20.000 pieces
2022 6.000 pieces
2023 21.000 pieces
2024 33.000 pieces

Why the big jump in 2024? Our Fall '23 collection was very popular and some items sold-out very quickly. Now that we know what works well, we want to continue to build on this momentum and try to grow more this year. More sustainable basics sold = more positive impact!

It is important for us that we try to grow responsibly. To grow, we need to produce more basics in 2024 and beyond. However, if we see in the first half of 2024 that our growth is not as much as we've hoped, we'll scale down the production numbers - to avoid overproduction. There is a blog post coming soon on what else we do to avoid overproduction. And how we make sure no product gets left behind.

Some side notes on the numbers:

  • The numbers are based on our production orders (POs), the actually produced number of items might deviate a bit. Usually no more than + / - 5%.
  • Some of these are multipacks, e.g. our fabulous Boxer Shorts 3-pack.
  • In 2019 and 2020 our quantities were around 10.000 per year.

What happened in 2022? We had large issues with our suppliers back in 2021, in terms of quality and on-time delivery. Also quite frankly we overproduced a lot and our growth in 2021 was not nearly as fast as we anticipated. So in 2022 we decided to focus on selling-off our old stock (thankfully they're basics!) and find a new reliable supplier. Looking back this was a great decision!

Overall our numbers are tiny compared to almost any other brand out there. However we're proud that we are able to help 10.000+ people per year with making their wardrobes more sustainable. Small steps every day!

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