Boxer shorts for the homeless!

Yesterday we heard an urgent request on the radio. The Berliner Stadtmission needs donations, especially tight fitting boxer shorts for men. With temperatures going well below -5 degrees, we understand that donations are needed. It is clearly a matter of survival for the many homeless in Berlin.

But why boxer shorts?

A representative from the Berliner Stadtmission gave us the answer: after taking a shower at the shelters, homeless people don't want to have to get back in their old underwear. Often, they have literally been living in their clothing for several days. Meaning that their underwear is dirty beyond recovery.

The most appreciated gift after a warm shower, is a pair of fresh boxer shorts. So we decided to send a box full of brand new boxer shorts! 23 packs or 69 boxers in total are on the way. We hope that in this small way, we can help some of the most challenged people in our city, have a slightly better winter. 🩶 

Do you also want to donate or help? Check the website of Berliner Stadtmission or of your local organisation. All little bits help, for example also second hand underwear is appreciated, if it's freshly washed of course.

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