You still didn't receive your order?
Here's what's happened...

We're very sorry that we still haven't shipped your order. For some of you it's been already 3 weeks of waiting and we understand you're getting frustrated. We are as frustrated as you are 😔... We still don't have a clear shipping date. But we do expect to get this any day now ⏳.

If you want to know exactly what went wrong and why we're still waiting, then scroll down ⬇️.

If the wait is becoming too long and you want to cancel, please send us an email. Again we are very sorry for this long and frustrating wait - we really did everything right on our side. But it seems we can't make the bureaucracy move faster... We tried!

Update 26th of July: The products will be delivered to our warehouse shortly so shipping starts this wednesday, the 28th of July 🎉

We'll keep you posted! 📧
- x - Team Honest Basics


A little overview of what happened

Classic snowball effect - we would say. Or maybe bad karma? Anyhow, here is a little overview of what has been happening backstage at Honest Basics in the last few weeks.

Details please...

💸 Oops. Taxes!

About 4 weeks ago the German taxes took out a huge amount of money from our account - incorrectly. 

We still don't have it back.

🚚 Trucker prepayment

Then, on the day that we were supposed to receive the products, 28th of June, the logistics company decided that they want full payment before delivering.

Normally not a problem. But now we can't pay.

🏭 Half empty warehouse

So now the warehouse can't ship your order. Because they have not yet received the products.

We prefer not to do split shipments - because not super sustainable. And difficult to organize for us.

🤯 Bureacratic mess

We've been in contact almost daily with our local Tax institution. We've been waiting and waiting and are waiting some more.

2 weeks ago a solution was promised. Last week a solution was promised. This week a solution was promised, and we believe this week we will also finally get results.

📦 Latest status

So, we still don't have a concrete solution from the Taxes. But they have sent letters (yes, letters in 2021!) which we will receive early next week.

Then hopefully we will get our money back, be able to pay the logistics company, get the products, and then finally ship out your orders.


    Any questions?

    We hope that we could give you a little more insight and transparency to the actual situation. As we said before - this is super frustrating, but we will always try our best to prevent situations like these - sometimes it's just not in our hands.

    Thank you so much for helping us through your purchases & patience! We appreciate you.

    You have a question or something is not quite clear? Let us know! Thank you for helping us get better.


    Questions or compliments?
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    Greetings from Berlin!
    -x- Team Honest Basics