Shipping & Returns

Short version:
  • Shipping to Germany is free and takes 1-2 days.
  • Shipping to other European countries costs 5 euros per order and takes 5-6 days.
  • Returns are not free - you pay the return shipping costs. No additional costs are charged.

Detailed information:

Shipping to Germany is included in the prices. Shipping to other countries in the European Union comes with a 5 euro surcharge per order. So for example if you order our Sustainable Fashion Starter Pack and you're living in France, then you'll pay 35 euros + 5 euro shipping costs = 40 euros in total.

We ship everything with Deutsche Post. In Germany without tracking number - as we have good experiences with Deutsche Post. For the other countries your local post service will deliver the package (or drop it in your mail box). So for example in the UK Royal Mail will take care of the package and in France La Poste.

When we ship the package you'll receive an e-mail containing the tracking number. Usually it looks something like: RR802107046DE. You can follow the package with this tracking number through the website of your local post service. When your package hasn't arrived yet please contact your local post service with this tracking number before contacting us. Usually they are able to help you quickly find out where the package is and how you can get it.

Please note that we don't pay for return shipments. You will have to take care of the return shipping costs yourself. We don't charge you extra for the returns your make - you will be refunded in full. So for example you order 2 t-shirts and want to return 1 of them: you will then need to ship this t-shirt back on your own costs. We will process it and refund your 14 euros promptly, assuming of course that everything is in order with your return.

It takes us 1-2 days after your order to pack and ship. You receive an e-mail when the package is on the way. In our experience packages are delivered in Germany in 1-2 days. In the rest of Europe in 5-6 days.

We don't ship worldwide, because we think it is not very sustainable to fly t-shirts around the world.

Please have a look at our full refund policy here.