Sustainable fashion can be confusing. GOTS, organic cotton, BCI, recycling, upcycling... Wait what? So many words, terms and acronyms. Here you find an overview of the terms we come across the most. And what they mean.

Terms we use at Honest Basics:

GOTS - the Global Organic Textile Standard. It is one of the toughest standards in fashion production to achieve, because it's rules and regulations are the most extensive. It means a more sustainable production from an ecological point of view. As well as better working conditions than in "normal" production facilities.

Organic cotton - the most sustainable way of growing cotton. It is better for the planet, because no (poisonous) herbicides and pesticides are used. It saves a lot on energy and water consumption. And it is much healthier for organic cotton farmers.

Plastic-free - no polyester, nylon, LDPE or similar man-made earth oil materials are used. We try to avoid plastic as much as possible because it is a well-known polluter.

Terms that you may come across elsewhere:

Fairtrade - guarantees fair business & prices for farmers all over the world. You probably know it from Fairtrade coffee or chocolate. It is also used here and there in combination with organic cotton. We are trying to add Fairtrade cotton to our future collections.

"Normal" cotton - also know as conventional cotton. It is basically poison plucked by children. Don't buy it.

BCI - Better Cotton Initiative. A better way of growing cotton, meaning some of the most harmful substances used in normal cotton production are forbidden. BCI is only slightly better than normal cotton. Organic cotton is a whole lot better. It is a favorite marketing trick of fast fashion brands to switch to BCI-cotton and label themselves as "sustainable". Don't be fooled.