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We've coded this memory game as a practice project, to learn more about Javascript, HTML and CSS. So we can slowly make our website cooler and friendlier to use for you. We're aware the final result doesn't look perfect yet, especially on mobile it doesn't look and work perfectly. But this is the best we can do with our current skillset :)...

Credits to Freepik for the icons.

We did put some thought into the icons / memory cards we used. Please read on for some more information about them:

Vegan - yes, all our garments are vegan! That means no animal products were used (at all) to create our basics for you. So no wool, no silk, no leather. Not as material for our basics and also not for smaller details such as trims and buttons. Did you know for example, that the classic brand patches on the back of jeans are made from leather?

Toxic - we try to avoid the toxic things in our world: toxic masculinity, toxic relationships and of course toxic fashion!

Top brand - shout-out to ourselves :)...

Recycled - one of the largest challenges currently facing the fashion industry. Is that very little clothing is recycled after its use. Most of the old garments you dispose of in a clothing bin, end up in a landfill in a developing country, where our fashion-waste literally gets dumped. We as Honest Basics don't have an answer yet for the issue with recycling. But we are taking the first small steps to making our brand more circular, by incorporating recycled polyester and recycled cotton into our collections.

Poison - did you know the chemicals used in the production of conventional cotton are extremely hazardous for both humans and the environment? It's basically poison! Organic cotton is grown without the use of herbicides and pesticides, and therefore a much healthier alternative to "normal" cotton.

Organic - all the cotton we currently use is organic. Certified under the GOTS-certification. In the future we also plan to try out organic linen.

Made with love - everything we do! Sounds cheesy and it is, but we are deeply engaged with our mission to make sustainable fashion affordable for everyone. And this general intention does really help to keep motivated through the ups and downs of running a small business. Okay full disclosure: we hate admin & tax stuff :)...

GMO-free - another fun fact about organic cotton is that not Genetically Modified Seeds are used to grow the cotton plants. This again in contrast to "conventional" cotton, where big firms like Monsanto often keep smaller farmers in a debt trap through making them dependent on their expensive (but "necessary") genetically modified seeds.

Eco-friendly - the basis of our sustainable basics, is that they are as eco-friendly as possible.