Please don't mix pre-orders with normal orders. This YouTube video also explains the whole process. :)


We've created this pre-order project to try out a more sustainable way of doing business.

It helps us to make sure we only produce the products that are needed. No more overstock. No more left-overs. No more products that are not being worn.

It also helps us to finance this project. We don't have the money right now to launch jeans. Through the pre-orders you are basically crowdfunding us, so that we can launch Honest Jeans.

It is a slow process. But we'll make sure it's worth the wait. Thanks for your support :)


Pre-orders are possible until 7th of June. You will receive the jeans in October 2020. We need to reach at least 200 pre-orders. And at least 100 pre-orders per style.

If we reach this: yeeeey! We will launch production and keep you informed on when exactly you will receive your Honest Jeans. We will deliver the jeans to you latest at the end of October, but hopefully a bit earlier.

If we don't reach our goal: you will be refunded in full at the start of June. It means we need to push back the launch of the jeans a bit. :)

Please place pre-orders separately: don't mix available items with pre-ordered jeans in your order. This will help our processes a lot!

  • You can cancel your pre-order at any time before you receive it. Just send us an e-mail and we'll refund you.
  • You can return the jeans as usual once you receive it. Full refund then also applies.
  • If there are not enough pre-orders until 7th of June, you will be refunded in full within the first week of June.

If you have any questions or comments: please reach out on social media or on Happy to hear what you guys think!!


  • Pre-orders until 31st of May.
  • June: finalize development + place order.
  • July + August: production in India.
  • End of August till end of September: transportation.
  • End September / beginning of October: shipping out your orders.
  • Until end of October you will receive your pre-orders.

This is our current planning. Some things always go wrong, but we are confident that we can reach this. In case there are extra delays (for example because of the Corona situation getting worse in India), then we will inform you. 

We're setting up a dedicated e-mail newsletter to keep you posted of the process. We'll send you updates throughout the process: whether we reach the goal. And hopefully some updates on production and shipping later on.

When checking-out: please agree to receiving e-mail notifications. This way we can send you these e-mails!