May '22

May slowed down considerably towards the end, because we sold out in some of our most popular women's and men's styles. Revenue came in just above € 20.000 / 500 orders / 1.000pcs sold. In general we see the average order value drop a bit over the summer, as people tend to buy the cheaper items (tops and t-shirts).

Especially in the men's t-shirts we only had the very small sizes still available, which has lost us some sales. For next year we definitely need to make sure we have a strong t-shirt offer for men in this important period. Once we launch our Production 2.0 this should not be a problem!

We're expecting to get a restock of the most important items at the start of June. Our customers have been informed of this and we'll launch all products as soon as we have them. We expect an immediate uplift in sales and a strong momentum until the slower summer holidays period.

The restock should have come earlier, the stock was "locked" with our old fulfillment partner. They've been making our lives pretty difficult over the last weeks. Which again shows that is was a good decision to leave. The struggle is almost over and the cost-efficiency benefits should become really noticeable from H2 2022 onwards. Already since relaunching our own fulfilment, we've noticed quicker fulfilment times and much friendlier contact with our customers.

In May we've also relaunched our influencer collaborations, strictly based on free samples and affiliate payouts. The first 3 collaborations are underway and should provide some content and new customers in the next weeks. Unfortunately we hit a major roadblock during the technical roll-out of the program from our side. Which will delay the further build-up of the program until we have solved the issue.

Also we've been laying the foundation of starting up our own wholesale program. We're aiming to team up with small sustainable fashion stores that have a strong local presence. We can offer them and their customers an affordable basics program. And we can leverage their local networks to grow our brand awareness. We now have the IT-capabilities to run such a program efficiently, so we're slowly building things up and have locked-in the first partner for a launch in September.

Finally we're working on a new Youtube format, which is to launch towards the end of June. It is not directly linked to Honest Basics, it is more of a passion project actually, but it will help us to create some new interesting content for our followers. And eventually it might also be another way for people to get into contact with Honest Basics.

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