March '22

March 2022 has turned out to be our best month ever in terms of sales. We've reached about € 32.000 in revenue across all channels. This translates to about 600 orders from returning and new customers and around 1.200 products sold.

Highlights are the boxer shorts for men which sold very well. The restock was highly anticipated by our customers, since the first round sold quite well and they had been out of stock for quite some time. We will need to restock them again soon!

The women's underwear was a new product and has been a bit slower. We've noticed that new basics often have a bit of a warm-up phase. Until the first reviews are in, less people seem to convert, which reconfirms our new strategy to launch new products on smaller production quantities. The first feedback we've received on the women's briefs has been very good!

The period before (December - February) was quite challenging in terms of sales. The turn-around came from the arrival of the new products and our relaunch on Avocadostore at the end of February. March has shown our potential for growth and for strong revenue, which we can realize by being in front of the right people and having a well-rounded collection!

Honest Basics is looking for a new large investor to help us take our brand to the next level. Are you interested in receiving more information? Send us an e-mail to to start the conversation.

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